2014.05.05 04:53


AEユーザーを対象にした勉強会・交流会という体裁のクリエイティブエンターテイメントショー「AEオフ」、今年も開催される運びとなりました。現在準備中ですが、今回も講演者の一人として講義という名の一人パフォーマンスを行う予定です。I do. I only have to do.


5 Comments to “AEオフ2014”

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  3. Ajdin:

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    Jennifer – your comment about the nixing because of the bad relative comment made me crack up! In our case, it was Henry. Oh, we loved the name! Until my mother reminded me it was the name of my paternal grandmother’s married boyfriend. Even though she died in 1985, THAT still holds very bad memories for both my dad and uncle! Sigh. Knock that one off the list.We finally decided on Jonathan, with my great grandmother’s maiden name (Kemp) for his middle name. He is 5 now and loves his name! Although he swears his middle name is Camp. Perhaps with our Southern accents, that’s what it sounds like? LOL!Ah, the name game!Amy

  5. Humberto:

    All things coisrdened, this is a first class post